Shared Medical Appointments

Expand the way you provide care by offering shared medical appointments (SMAs) — an opportunity where several patients interact with a provider and each other in a session that lasts three- to four-times longer than a typical individual appointment. Learn best practices on including this innovative approach in your organization.

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Healing Together

SMAs offer an innovative, interactive approach to healthcare that brings 10-15 patients with common needs together for a 90-minute session with one or more providers. The relaxed setting encourages asking questions, and sharing concerns and experiences. SMAs are particularly valuable to patients dealing with chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and hypertension because they learn from the healthcare team and from peers facing similar struggles.


A Pioneering Approach

Cleveland Clinic piloted SMAs in 1999 with a goal of improving patient access without negatively impacting clinician productivity and quality of care. Based on overwhelmingly positive patient response since those initial trials, more than 100 Cleveland Clinic providers now offer SMA opportunities across several departments.


Sharing Knowledge

Hear from the team that leads the SMA program at Cleveland Clinic. Read the bios of Anne Maggiore and Dr. Marianne Sumego on our speakers page.


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