Healing Services

Support your traditional medical treatments by offering specialist therapies and spiritual care to deliver a truly holistic healing experience for your patients, their families and even your staff.

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Treating the Whole Person

Cleveland Clinic developed a platform for Healing Services after 65% of patients asked to take part in a holistic services pilot program in 2007. Today we continue to champion ways to treat the whole person during their hospital stay.

Learn the best practices of integrative holistic care services including:

  • Touch therapies (massage, reflexive treatments, Reiki and Healing Touch™)
  • Spiritual support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Guided imagery
  • Relaxation exercises
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Code Lavender Training

Cleveland Clinic Experience Partners can help you develop a Code Lavender program in your organization. Code Lavender is designed to provide rapid-response support services to individuals experiencing a stressful or extreme event, such as caring for high acuity patients, the passing of a patient or colleague and facing a wide-spread community crisis. Participants will learn how to provide personalized care that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual needs. (This course is in the process of obtaining several types of CME accreditation).

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